About the Authors






“Thracian Treasure“ is a book about ancestors and descendents. The main message is that the greatest value of a culture is the spirituality, reborn in the philosophy of the after generations. The ancient Thracian civilization left us a huge heritage of gold artifacts and beautiful images, astounding the world with their perfection. It gave us Orpheus – the precursor of the unique Bulgarian singing, loaded with the inexhaustible vitality of his land. Her maternal voice and reviving energy inspired the creation in poetry and lines a new Thracian treasure, which cannot be displayed in museums or touched by humans’ hands. It was born in the light of the plentiful Thracian sun, waking in words and images a new syncretism of a creative harmony – a dialogue between a poet and an artist. Let it touch your souls with a gold ring of words, embodied in pictures.


The book is structured in cycles, referring to some of the most significant Thracian myths (“Rhodope’s Sorrow”, “Orpheus and Eurydice”, “Maenads”, “The Song of Orpheus”, “Tsar Rhesus”, “Argantona”), as well as some traditions and beliefs still existing today in the Bulgarian folklore (“Lamentation”, “The Sun in Love”, “Thracian Wedding”). Other poems are based on historical knowledge about the Thracians’ customs and way of life (“Fidelity”, “Thracian Feast”). Being bilingual, the book consists of twelve poems (twenty four with the English translations) and twelve graphics, attached to each of the poetical works. The number twelve reflects a years’ cycle of the endless circle of life. The graphics include the main lines of the poems as inspirational standbys of the artistic visions – an original way spiritually to involve the audience into a new Thracian treasure of poetry and pictures.

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